BEST Of Gayatri Plumbing & Sanitary Work

We take pleasure in introducing our selves as Plumbing and Sanitary Contractors, capable of taking jobs on contract / turnkey basis. Qualified Civil Engineer and Member of Institute of Plumbing, the undersigned had extensive experience in the field of Plumbing and Sanitary projects in India.



Our Services

(1). Installation of sanitary wares., (2).Installation and commissioning of hot and cold water system including automatic pumping system. (3). Installation and commissioning of soil, waste and drainage system. (4). Installation and commissioning of Solar water heaters. (5). Installation and commissioning of swimming pool (6). Installation and commissioning of domestic gas piping. (7). Installation and commissioning of compressed air system (8). Installation and commissioning of kitchen equipments (9). Installation and commissioning of Water Supply deposal Network (10). Installation and commissioning of Sewerageb deposal Network .

Our Scope

Our scope of design and execution starts from designing of underground sumps to final disposal of sewage after treatment.

The design and execution includes.

(1) Water transfer system (2) Water softening plant. (3) Automatic Hydro pneumatic water pumping system. (4) Hot & cold water piping system (5) Solar water heater installation. (6) Soil & waste water disposal system. (7) Rainwater installation. (8) Automatic sewage transfer pumps. (9) Automatic storm water transfer pumps. (10) Installation of sanitary wares. (11) Rainwater harvesting.


The building is served with direct water supply to fixtures through Hydro pneumatic pumping system. Addl. Roof tank is also incorporated to take care at the power failures. Our expert team of dedicated technicians carried out the entire installation and Commissioned the whole system .